Live Blog – Scouts Summer Camp 2018

Six weeks of unbroken sunshine means only one thing: it’s time for Summer Camp and all-change on the weather front!

Follow us on our week-long camp in the Brecon Beacons with our live blog of photos and anecdotes. It might be a not-very-live blog depending on mobile internet signal and whether Carlton can find somewhere dry to update it.

Day 1 – Saturday 28th July

Having travelled through murky weather we arrived at our camping field mid-morning to dry and bright conditions. Camp went up rapidly as we knew the weather was changeable. Not half. Sudden downpours made the job a bit start and stop, but our scouts got to work in their patrols and put up their sleeping and kitchen tents in next to no time. The older scouts (aka adults) spent most of the time drinking tea, hence the rest of the camp wasn’t setup until around 6pm. Good job well done and just in time before the rain set in for the night and the wind battered us. Some of those tents might not be standing come the morning.

Day 2 – Sunday 29th July

Early morning update: Overnight it rained. Then it rained. Then there was more rain. The wind was hurricane-force (or so it felt inside the tent). Some tents didn’t survive the night. This tent, belonging to a scout leader who shall remain unnamed (but I suspect bought it from the Scout Shop, wink wink), won’t live to see another day. Hope he’s alright in there. Do you think we should check? Nah, let’s get a bacon butty first.


Lunchtime update: Sandwiches for lunch followed by some dam building in the stream. Loads of great teamwork by the Scouts (and a visiting Cub) in getting the stones up stream. We made a nice jacuzzi to relax in at the end of the day!


Evening update: The sun came out so we could all enjoy the evening playing a wide game followed by hot chocolate.



Day 3 – Monday 30th July

The weather is being kind to us today. Here are some brilliant aerial photos taken this morning by Dave, a Scout Leader at 1st Filton.

Day 4 – Tuesday 31st July

The much anticipated hike to peaks of Pen y Fan and Corn Du. Spectacular!

This was the 7 mile route they took:

“Let’s take this rock back for the dam lads!”



Day 5 – Wednesday 1st August

We welcomed Steve Popham (Orca) to camp this morning. Just a couple of photos today as our blogger was not back at camp until late evening. More photos will be added after the camp.


A fiercely fought game of rounders enjoyed by all as night fell. 

Day 6 – Thursday 2nd August

Flag break this morning before we begin our ‘It’s a Knockout’ competition.

Day 7 – Friday 3rd August

More aerial photos from our drone photographer Dave. These ones taken at flag break this morning showing Pen y Fan in the background.


This morning it was time to dismantle our dam so we could hold the legendary Raft Race, a Blue Riband event as Silver calls it. Each patrol built a small raft to compete in the race. There was plenty of cheating going on! Winners will be revealed later…


Around midday we walked into Brecon where we enjoyed Fish and Chips for lunch followed by a visit to the Regimental Museum of the Royal Welsh. It was actually quite good (but let’s not admit that to Silver, eh?!). A bit of downtime in Brecon followed where the scouts were doing some ‘interesting’ shopping (!), then ice cream on the way home for everyone. Didn’t get a chance to photograph the scouts with their ice creams as they’d eaten them by the time the leaders got a look in!

Camp awaits our return. You can just make out the flagpole at the end of the lane.

The last few pennies were spent at the final night tuck shop, followed soon after by the closing campfire night. The brilliant and talented Callum from 1st Filton kicked-off the campfire with some amazing magic and card tricks. Then we had loads of singing, witty sketches by the Scouts, Young Leaders and Leaders and plenty of laughter. It’s been a fantastic camp.

Day 8 – Saturday 4th August – Homeward bound

The last day in the Brecons as we enjoy our last breakfast, strike camp and pack everything to return home to Bristol. Not until Carlton has burnt the first round of toast though!

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