Monopoly Run

While our older Scouts participated in the Ten Tors challenge, a team of 6 of our younger Scouts took part in the inaugural Monopoly Run event over the weekend.

The event, organised by Avon County Scouts and Girl Guiding Bristol & South Gloucestershire, saw teams of Scouts and Guides from all over the Bristol area competing for the winner’s shield.

The aim was to score points by taking a photo of the team at as many locations on the Monopoly ‘board’ as possible within a 6 hour limit. All the locations were in and around Bristol, with some more challenging, and with higher points values, than others. There were also some bonus items and questions to answer when you arrived at each location.

You could only travel on foot or by bus.

I accompanied the 7th Bristol team who trekked all over the place trying to get as many points as possible. We made it to Arnos Vale Cemetery but Cribbs Causeway was just a tad too far in the allotted time.

There were some very well-organised (and MUCH older!) groups of Scouts and Guides in the competition so sadly we didn’t win a prize, but our Scouts did really well and their attempts at trying to navigate around Bristol on foot and on bus was a great learning experience for them all. They were amongst the youngest there so well done our boys!

We had to run the last mile because of (my) bus cock-up, so we all had a good workout too. We were greeted with a BBQ and disco at the finish point.

It was a really fantastic event and the Scouts said they would all do it again next year. Bring it on!

Here’s a selection of photos from the day…

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