Beaver uniform & badges


Scouting is a uniformed organisation. All Members are required to wear uniform for Group Meetings, when arriving and departing from events and for parades. Members should take pride in their uniform and do their best to look after the uniform and to look smart. Members are not expected to wear a uniform until they have been ‘invested’ (officially joined the Scout Association) which normally happens a few weeks after they initially join.

Beaver uniform

  • Turquoise sweatshirt
  • Turquoise Polo shirt (optional)
  • Dark grey or black trousers, skirt or shorts (school style)
  • Black shoes
  • 7th Bristol Group scarf/necker and woggle (supplied by the Group on joining or investiture)

Beavers may also wear an optional turquoise blue cap but this is not a requirement.

beavers-polo-shirt-bep-500x500 beavers-sweatshirt-bes-500x500beavers-baseball-cap-bec-500x500

Where to buy

You can buy uniform online from the following places:

John Lewis
Scouts Shop

It is also available from John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway.

Beaver badge positions

Beavers earn badges for completing certain activities or events. These will be presented to the Beavers at regular intervals throughout the year, often at the end of term.

Badges should be sewn or glued in the positions shown on this diagram:

Beavers Badges