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Joyce Park – Gone Home

Joyce Park – Gone Home

The group were saddened to hear about the recent passing of Joyce Park, formerly an Assistant Cub Scout Leader and then Cub Leader for many years at the group. Joyce got involved when her son Philip joined the 7th in the early 1960s and stayed on for many years helping with the Cub Pack, supporting Stiles Campsite and spending many happy hours in the Shop fundraising for the group. A life well lived, dedicated to helping young people develop and achieve, she was awarded the Medal of Merit for outstanding services to Scouting before her retirement.

This photo shows Joyce (right) having fun with the Cub Pack. They had a challenge to have tea somewhere different and went to the zoo (Bristol Zoo we believe) to have tea in one of the animal enclosures!


June 2020 Newsletter


Grand Opening & Christmas Bazaar

Grand Opening & Christmas Bazaar

On Saturday 23rd November 2019 we will mark the official re-opening of our newly refurbished Scout HQ, known as Pavey House.

This has been a 3+ year journey for us – raising funds, planning, building works. Hundreds and hundreds of hours of effort from a small team of dedicated parent volunteers who have delivered this amazing project for us so we can providing scouting and guiding in 21st century premises to even more young people.

Come join us between 12pm and 4pm and see what we have achieved!

There will be plenty of activities and stalls for the young and old alike, a bring and buy sale, delicious hot food and drink (including Mulled Wine!), plus freshly baked cakes, toasted marshmallows and roasted chestnuts. We’ve even got a brass band playing carols outside to get us in the Christmas spirit.

At around 1:45pm we’ll be cutting the ribbon to officially mark the re-opening. We’ll also have a few presentations.

The opening event is being run in conjunction with the Guiding & Scouting Christmas Bazaar, an annual event coordinated by our friends at the Clifton Brownies and Guides.

We’ve arranged for Waterloo Street to be closed for the day so there should be no cars moving around to cause a safety issue.

Come along and join in the celebrations.

Pavey House Refurbishment – Project Update

Pavey House Refurbishment – Project Update

Our project to refurbish and reconfigure Pavey House is in full swing with our contractor, ISG plc. Already they are over half-way through the project schedule and everything is on track. Paul Jagroop, father of two scouts in 7th Bristol, has been doing an absolutely stellar job running the project from our side and keeping on top of the plethora of amendments, decisions and outstanding tasks to ensure everything is communicated to ISG ‘just in time’. 

So far everything has gone largely to plan. A few unforeseen complications, as one would expect, including a partially collapsed drain, bonkers electrics, and some wildly differing floor levels. However, ISG are really pulling out the stops and taking most of the additional work (and its cost) in their stride. We’re so grateful to them.

Budget-wise, we are slightly over budget due to a couple of additions to the scope of works which have been agreed between our GSL, Fi, and Paul. However, ISG has absorbed much of the cost of the numerous little (and large) extras here and there as mentioned above.

Below are some photos of the work in progress to give you a taste of what’s happening. We can’t wait to have the building back some time in June ready for us to use for the latter part of the summer term.

Pavey House Renovation Contract Signed

Pavey House Renovation Contract Signed

Celebrating the signature of the Pavey House Renovation project contract

A landmark moment at the 7th Bristol last night. After a 3 year journey the Chair and the Treasurer signed the contract to upgrade the 7th Bristol HQ, Pavey House. Hundreds and hundreds of hours have been invested in making this project happen. £76,000 funding was raised in the last 5 months alone. A fantastically supportive and generous contractor, ISG plc, are delivering the whole project for us and donating their services. Brilliant teamwork by all involved, and setting the Group up for an exciting future…